• Outperform the Competition

    • Safely increase cylinder temperature, Increase Horsepower, Lower Rotating Mass, Quicker turbo spooling & Decreased weight.
    • Increase efficiency and fuel economy
    • Increased Durability
    • Improve emissions

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    Outperform the Competition
  • Driving the Industry

    • Greater Accuracy
    • Increased Durability
    • Decreased Weight

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    Driving the Industry
  • Failure Does Not Compute

    • Decreased Weight
    • Increased Durability
    • increased Longevity
    • Increased Dependability
    • Increase Speed and Payload capabilities

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    Failure Does Not Compute
  • Rocket Science on Your Wrist

    • Extremely Marketable based on Rarity and Pedigree
    • Extreme Durabitliy over other materials

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    Rocket Science on Your Wrist
  • Bodies Deserve the Best

    • Improved performance of Artificial Limbs, hip replacements, knee replacements, ankle plates, bone plates, and spinal implants.
    • Decreased Weight
    • Increased Durability
    • Can be spray coated with titanium for bio adaptation.

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    Bodies Deserve the Best
  • Stopping Power

    • Pandalloy® is lighter while still remaining stronger and less corrosive than currently used 5083 Aluminum Alloy.
    • Pandalloy® Aluminums have a higher Modulus, Yield and Tensile Strength than the current 5083 Aluminum. Alloy.
    • Increased Ductile Pentalling & Plugging.

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    Stopping Power
  • Lighten your load

    • Decreased Weight
    • Increased Durability
    • Outperforms existing Aluminums in cold climates
    • Increased Impact and Ballistic Protection
    • Increased firearm torture test performance

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    Lighten your load
Pandalloy® is an innovative, high specific strength Aluminum Alloy, which operates under a higher temperature range providing significant weight savings and performance improvements in a multitude of applications.


      Weighing less than Titanium with many of the same characteristics,Pandalloy® will revolutionize the Aluminum Alloy market from top to bottom. The United States Air Force Research Laboratory commissioned Pratt & Whitney to develop a material that would be LIGHTER, STRONGER, and possess a HIGHER TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE than any Aluminum alloy ever developed. Ten years and millions of dollars later, Dr. Awadh B. Pandey, an 11 year Light Alloys Scientist employed by Pratt & Whitney successfully completed this project. Pandalloy® not only meets that criteria, but shatters previously known performance parameters for Aluminum alloys. Performance Power Materials, Inc holds World Wide Exclusivity with Pratt & Whitney on all Pandalloy Aluminums. Performance Power Materials, Inc is seeking market development partners for its 2000 Series, 7000 Series, and Gen2 Extruded Material as well as it’s ground breaking 355/356 Cast Aluminum.


Pandalloy Gen 2 Forging

Watch the successful slow forging of the world’s most capable aluminum alloy.

Pandalloy® Aluminums are STRONGER, LIGHTER, and illustrate a HIGHER TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE than anything available in the market today.

Meet The Team

Johnny Bohmer – President

Bio Coming Soon.

email: JohnnyB@performancepowermaterials.com


Dr. Gregory J. Hildeman – Vice President

Dr. Gregory J. Hildeman is the Vice President of Technology at Performance Power Materials. He has 32 years of experience and an extensive background in the aluminum industry. Previous positions include Vice President of Technology at AMG Aluminum where he was responsible for development of new aluminum master alloys and improved grain refiners. At Alcoa for 29 years, Dr. Hildeman was the Division Manager of the Molten Metal Processing Division at Alcoa’s Technical Center. He was responsible for leading Alcoa’s worldwide ingot technology activities in areas of recycling, melting, alloying, grain refinement, metal treatment, casting and solidification. As a research scientist, Dr. Hildeman worked on process and alloy development of rapidly solidified aluminum P/M alloys.

In addition to his experience in the aluminum industry, Dr. Hildeman worked in the solar silicon industry as Vice President of Engineering at Solar Power Industries. He was responsible for research and development, quality assurance and engineering support of manufacturing operations for producing directionally solidified high purity silicon ingots, wafers and photovoltaic cells.

Dr. Hildeman received a Sc.D. in Metallurgy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a minor in business from the Sloan School of Management. He also has a Masters and a Bachelor degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin. In 2004, Greg was the President of The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) and elected a Fellow of ASM International in 1991 for his research on development of high strength, rapidly solidified powder aluminum alloys.

He is an author of 18 papers and 23 presentations in field of aluminum powder metallurgy and rapid solidification, silicon casting, bricking, cell processing and solar energy, editor of two books on aluminum powder metallurgy alloys, and Subject Chair for Light Metals Cast Shop. Dr. Hildeman is the inventor on 11 patents in areas of aluminum powder metallurgy alloys and processing, cathodes for aluminum electrolysis and ingot casting processes.

email: Greg@performancepowermaterials.com


Ken Koldenhoven – VP of Sales

Bio Coming Soon.

email: Ken@performancepowermaterials.com