What is Pandalloy™?

Pandalloy® is an innovative, high specific strength Aluminum Alloy,

Weighing less than Titanium with many of the same characteristics,Pandalloy® will revolutionize the Aluminum Alloy market from top to bottom. The United States Air Force Research Laboratory commissioned Pratt & Whitney to develop a material that would be LIGHTER, STRONGER, and possess a HIGHER TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE than any Aluminum alloy ever developed. Ten years and millions of dollars later, Dr. Awadh B. Pandey, an 11 year Light Alloys Scientist employed by Pratt & Whitney successfully completed this project. Pandalloy® not only meets that criteria, but shatters previously known performance parameters for Aluminum alloys. Performance Power Materials, Inc holds World Wide Exlcusivity with Pratt & Whitney on all Pandalloy Aluminums. Performance Power Materials, Inc is seeking market development partners for its 2000 Series, 7000 Series, and Gen2 Extruded Material as well as it’s ground breaking 355/356 Cast Aluminum.