Pandalloy® is an innovative, high specific strength Aluminum Alloy,

Pandalloy® products, named after their creator Dr. Awadh Pandey of Pratt & Whitney, were developed under a program funded by the US Air Force Research Laboratory to provide significant weight reduction for hydrogen turbine machinery in rocket engines. The products are an innovative, high specific strength set of cast and forged Aluminum Alloys, which operate under a higher temperature range while providing significant weight savings and performance improvements in a multitude of applications. 
Pandalloy® is the most innovative and revolutionary Aluminum product developed since the inception of mass produced alloys some 70 years ago. The benefits that the product offers to various markets and industries are vast and highly pronounced. With 12 patents covering Extruded Pandalloy® as well as over 50 possible versions of Cast Material in development, Performance Power Materials Inc is able to provide custom tailored solutions to any client in any market for their specific product needs.
 Pandalloy® has demonstrated high strength and thermal stability for a range of temperatures up to 900° F. Higher thermal stability enables leaner fuel mixture ratios, higher combustion chamber temperatures,  increased durability, and increased power. Developed with significant capability improvements over all other aluminum alloys and Titanium Alloys, Pandalloy® is a viable alternative to any Alloy‐based product on the market today.